The Eastern North Carolina Turfgrass Association


Name and Purpose

SECTION I. The name of this organization shall be Eastern
North Carolina
SECTION II. The purpose of this Association is to promote
research and the interchange of the scientific and practical
knowledge relating to the care of turfgrass operations,
thus bringing increased prestige for this Association
and its individual members, as well as the occupation
of turfgrass supervision, including the production, maintenance
and improvement of turfgrass; to encourage cooperation
with other associations and organizations whose interests
parallel or complement those of this Association; and
to promote justice, benevolence, and education to and
for its Members.


Membership in this Association shall be of the following
two classes:
(A) Regular
(B) Lifetime
SECTION I. Regular Members will consist of all persons
actively interested in the objectives of the Association
and who have their current dues.
SECTION II. Lifetime members may be individuals whom
the Executive Committee feels have made notable and valuable
contributions to the betterment of turf. Such memberships
shall not be required to pay annual dues or regular meeting
registration fees. Lifetime Members may not serve on the

Dues and Supplemental Assessments and Suspensions for

SECTION I. Annual dues for Regular Members shall be
levied upon recommendation of the Executive Committee.
The dues will be payable before or at the first meeting
and after admittance. The Membership Year will be January
1 – December 31.
SECTION II. Dues in Arrears. All Members whose dues
shall remain in arrears more than thirty (30) days following
a second billing shall be suspended from the Association
without the necessity for further notice being given for
such suspension and their names shall be removed from
the mailing list.
SECTION III. The Executive Committee may, in its discretion,
under the extenuating circumstances temporarily excuse
or extend time of payment of annual dues for Members unable
to make payment within time fixed.


Officers, Board Members, and Executive Committee


There shall be elected by a majority vote
of Regular Members at each annual meeting of the Association
which occurs during an odd-numbered year the following
officers, viz.:

President Secretary
Vice President Treasurer

who shall hold office for a period of two (2) years
until their successors are elected and qualified and
who shall perform the duties hereinafter prescribed
for each of such offices. No person shall be elected
unless he is a Member in good standing in this Association.
The President and Vice-President may not serve more
than two (2) consecutive terms in any one office has

The Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-At-Arms may continue
in office until such time as another person is elected
to that office. The Immediate Past President of this
Association shall serve as a Member of the Board of
Directors until another President is retired. The Office
of President and Vice-President shall be held by a person
employed as a Turfgrass Manager at the time of his election,
and have served at least one term on the Board of Directions.

There shall otherwise be constituted a Board of Directors
composed of six (6) persons, three (3) of whom shall
be elected for a two (2) year term by a majority vote
of the Regular Members may not serve two Consecutive
elected terms.

The officers of this Association, as herein above provide
for, together with the Board of Directors as above constituted,
shall constitute the Executive Committee of this Association.
Each Member of such Executive Committee shall be entitled
to vote at the meeting thereof, and a quorum necessary
for the transaction of business shall be not less than
a majority of said Executive Committee.


Vacancies. Vacancies occurring in any office of the
Association shall be filled by appointment by the President.
Appointments made under the previsions of this Section
shall be for the duration of the unexpired term of the
office vacated.


Duties and Powers of the Executive Committee.

(A). The Executive Committee shall have general charge
management of the affairs of the Association.

(B). The Executive Committee shall, at each annual
business meeting, make a full report of its acts and
doings during the preceding fiscal year.

(C). The Executive Committee shall appoint a Nomination
Committee each year by September 1. This Committee shall
consist of five (5) Regular Members of this Association,
and shall be chaired by the Vice President. Said Nomination
Committee shall, not less that ten (10) days prior to
the election date, prepare and publish in the November
Newsletter a list of three (3) nominees for positions
on the Board of Directors yearly and in odd-numbered
years also a list of nominees for the elective offices
under consideration. The President of this Association
shall ask further nominations are made from the floor,
wherein a voice vote will be acceptable.

(D). Each member of the Executive Committee is charged
with representing the Association in and near his place
of residence, to work diligently to interest qualified
persons in applying for admission to the Association
as set forth in the By-Laws (Article I, Section II).

(E). Each member of the Executive Committee shall attend
at least 60% of all Executive Committee and Regular
Meetings. Failure to comply will result in said member
being replaced at the annual business meeting.


Office of President and Duties Prescribed.

The President shall, during any period when the Executive
Committee is not in session, have general charge and
supervision of the affairs and property of the Association;
subject however, to such rules and regulations as may
from time to time be made by the Executive Committee.
He shall preside at all meetings of the Association
and Executive Committee and shall be ex-officio
member of all committees. He shall, from time to time
and as often as directed by the Executive Committee,
submit reports to the Executive Committee and give such
information touching affairs of the Association as may
be required, and make such recommendations as he may
think proper. He shall appoint all committees excepts
the Nomination Committee, said appointments to be subject
to the approval of the Executive Committee, such
approval or appointment shall not be required.


Office of Vice President and Duties Prescribed.

In case of the absence or inability of the President
to act, the Vice President shall, during the period
of such absences or disability, perform the duties hereinbefore
required of the President.

In the event of the office of President becoming vacant
because of his or her death, resignation, or removal,
the Vice President shall perform all duties of the President
until the next annual election or until his successor
shall be elected and qualified.


Office of Secretary and Duties Prescribed.

The Secretary shall be responsible for the keeping
of records of all the transactions at the meeting. He
shall ascertain that due and proper notice, as provided
by By-Laws, has been given of all meetings of the Member
of the Association, perform all the other duties usually
performed by the Secretary of a like corporation, and
such other and additional duties as may be required
of him by the Executive Committee.


Office of Treasurer and Duties Prescribed.

The Treasurer shall receive all monies, bills, notes,
bonds, and similar property belonging to the Association
and safely keep the same in the name of the Association
in such depositories as may be designated by the Executive
Committee and shall invest all funds not needed and
make current disbursements as shall be ordered by the
Executive Committee, shall pay the Executive Committee
and shall keep such financial accounts and records as
may be required by the Executive Committee. Bills paid
by check will be signed by the Treasurer.

The Financial Reports of the Treasurer shall, at all
times, be open to the inspection by the members of the
Executive Committee.


Office of Sergeant-Arms and Duties Prescribed.

The Sergeant-At-Arms will be responsible for collecting
dues at meeting and will assist the treasurer with collecting
registration fees at meetings.



SECTION I: The annual business meeting of Regular Members
shall be held during the month of November or December,
the location, time, and place to be designated by the
Executive Committee at their discretion.

The order of business at all meetings of the Executive
Committee and the Annual Business Meeting of the Association
shall be as follows:

1. Call to Order
2. Minutes of Previous Meeting
3. Communications
4. Reports of Officers
5. Reports of Committees
6. Unfinished Business
7. New Business

All matters coming before the Executive Committee or
the Regular Members, not coming within the order of
business prescribed and all disputed questions of parliamentary
procedure shall be controlled by the latest edition
of Robert’s Rules of Order.

SECTION III. Meetings of the Executive Committee may
be called at the discretion of the Executive Committee
as deemed necessary.




The By-Laws may be amended at any Annual
Meeting of the Members without previous notice having
been sent to the Members of the amendments to be made.
These-By-Laws may also be amended at a special meeting
of the Members, provided the proposed amendments be reduced
to writing and signed by not less than twenty-five percent
(25%) of the Members, and the fifteen (15) days notice
of the amendment proposed be mailed to each
member at his latest known place of address as registered
in the
books of the Association prior to such Special meeting.
SECTION II: An affirmation vote of two-thirds (2/3)
of all Regular Members present shall be necessary for
the adoption of any amendment.
SECTION III: The By-Laws shall be critically reviewed
at least every three (3) years or as deemed necessary
by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall
report to the Membership at its Annual Business Meeting
with its recommendations.
SECTION IV: These By-Laws shall become effective November
25, 1997 after adoption by the Executive Committee and
approval by the membership.