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President’s Letter – December 2010

Dear Members,

I’m sure there are many members wondering what the reason was for the
postponed date for the ENCTA meeting this past Monday and why the
decision was made at the last minute. These are certainly good questions
to ask and answers you should know.

The year-end meeting is an important meeting where the ENCTA Board of
Directors can inform members on how the Association has faired over the
course of the year.  It is also a time to honor past board members and
introduce new board members.  Also, the year-end meeting historically
held the ENCTA Golf Championship, where members enjoy a tournament style
format, and opportunities to win prize money in the host’s Pro Shop.
The winners of the Gross and Net scoring formats are also awarded
plaques for their winning scores.

With all this being said, and this past weekend’s weather forecast
began to become more predicable for Monday, December 5, 2010 (Sunday
Temp low 23- Monday High 37 – strong winds), it was apparent that there
was going to be little, to no participation in the golf tournament.
Also, there would have been no guarantees that the golf course could
have been open for play, due to the potential of frozen greens.  The
board felt it was in the best interest of the entire association to
reschedule the meeting to where we may have a better opportunity to
conduct the 2010 Business Meeting and have the Championship Golf
Tournament all in the same day.

I have no idea what the future for December 20, 2010 holds in regards
to weather. That being said we will have the meeting on this date.
Hopefully, this will also be a better weather day than December 6, 2010.

I’m sincerely sorry for any inconvenience anyone may have incurred
with the sudden change in date. I hope to see you all on Monday,
December 20, 2010.

Drew Ramsey
ENCTA President