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ENCTA President’s Newsletter

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year and had you batteries recharged for another year on the links. The east has had a pretty busy start to our season thus far. We had our annual planning meeting in early January to plan a very informative meeting schedule for the year. First line of business was to organize our annual Pesticide Conference at Wayne Community College hosted by Rob Woods.

This year’s event was the most attended in recent memory. I owe the reason for good attendance to the great speakers that were present. Many thanks to Dr. Jim Kerns, NCSU, Dr. Fred Yelverton, NCSU, and Bland Cooper, Competitions Agronomist Official for the PGA. All speakers were very informative and interesting. Thank you Rob Woods for hosting this event.

Please stayed tuned to our website for a very exciting meeting schedule. Somethings new this year will include a return to Kinston for family night with the new “Down East WoodDucks”! Also, we return to Benvenue Country Club in May for our annual fundraising golf tournament!

Thank you to our Sponsors and members. Without you our association does not thrive!

Andy Ipock, President ENCTA

252 269 9051