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ENCTA Meeting, December 7, 2017

Next Meeting
December 7, 2017
The Country Club of The Crystal Coast
Pine Knoll Shores, NC
Hosted by Andy I pock

9:30 AM Registration: Members 20.00 dollars for meeting and lunch, 20.00 dollars for golf or 40.00 dollars for both. Nonmembers 25.00 dollars for meeting and lunch, 25.00 dollars for golf or 50.00 dollars for both.
10:00 AM Annual Business Meeting
11:00 AM Lunch and Golf to Follow

Please contact Southern Seeds by Monday December 4th, 2017 @ 1800-682-1102, so we can make adequate accommodations or use e-vite to inform us that you are coming; but don’t use both.
Thank You

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